Senior Dogs

in Health Conditions


  • Arthritis – Refer to Arthritis page
  • Fatigue and low energy – Refer to Anemia Page
  • Weight Loss – Refer to Digestive Page
  • Poor immunity – Refer to Immune Page
  • Digestion – Refer to Digestive Page
  • Kidney conditions – Refer to Kidney/Bladder Page
  • Anxiety – Refer to Anxiety/Stress Page


  • Diet
  • Poor nutrition
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Colon toxicity
  • Digestive conditions


Diet & Nutrition:

  • No wheat, corn or sugar
  • No beef, bison, venison or other red meats
  • Increase fibre with vegetables and fruits

Recommended Remedies – dosage as per labels:

  • Happy Pets Senior – Formulated for the older pet. All natural plant and seaweed  supplement rich in organic minerals, vitamins, fibre, anti-oxidants and the addition of nutritional herbs for brain, cognition and nerve function. Aids all health conditions.
  • Bone-Up (calcium, Vitamin B6) – Bone, joint and muscle strength; anti-inflammatory
  • Iron-Up – Anemia, energy, circulation, immunity
  • Vitamin B12 – Anemia, energy, depression, nerve nutrient
  • Pro-Colon probiotics – Restores intestinal ecosystem, improves nutrient absorption, aids immunity

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