Marijke’s Radio Shows

This show inspires and empowers people to take charge of their own health, and their animals’ health, by teaching listeners that almost all health conditions can be improved and healed with the power of diet, nutrition, natural medicines, lifestyle and emotional fitness. She recognizes that each person and each animal is unique with very individual requirements and that we heal the person or animal – rather than the disease – by identifying the true and underlying cause of the health condition.

This show is highly informative providing the listener with the straight facts on the relationship between nutrition and disease, practical healing techniques and common sense health advice. Listeners will learn about body function, nutrition, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, diets, cleanses, deficiencies, food allergies and intolerances, chronic disease, immunity and emotional influences. This is a show about health programs and strategies that really work – for people and their pets.

The following dog-cat health topics are included in the player:

  • Healing Dogs – Skin Conditions, Allergies & Immunity
  • Cushing’s Syndrome
  • Vitamins & Minerals & Therapeutic Nutrition for Dogs & Cats
  • Understanding Digestive Disorders for Dogs – Part I
  • Healing Digestive Disorders in Dogs with Diet & Nutrition – Part II
  • Case Studies for Dogs & Cats – Urinary, Kidney, Metabolism, Auto-Immune
  • Healing Dogs Naturally – Anxiety, Anemia, Arthritis
  • Healing Dogs Naturally – Cancer and Epilepsy
  • Healing Dogs Naturally – Fatigue, Heart Conditions and Hormonal Imbalances

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