Our Team

Our Brand Promise

We assure all of our customers expert and professional health advice, compassionate and confident customer service and trusted products with proven results over two decades of clinical experience.

Our dedicated team has been assembled to deliver our Brand Promise with passion and professionalism to meet each customer’s individual needs.

Meet Our Team

Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS, CEO

Marijke is the Founder, Formulator and Heart of Riva’s Remedies. She is also the creator of The Marijke Method™, a specialized four-step method of healing to take the guesswork out of health care. Marijke’s passion is to heal and to improve the lives of all animals and their people around the world. Marijke is a leader in natural health education, has authored two books, hosts her own radio show and has thousands of success cases in her private practice of diet, nutrition, natural medicines and energy healing for dogs, cats, horses and people. Read her full bio here.

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Elisha Edwards, B.Sc.,  Director of Sales & Marketing

Elisha is an Organic Chemist and a Natural Animal Health Consultant who builds a bridge between science and natural medicine. Elisha enjoys building her market base of pet stores and helping them to solve their customer pet health problems with effective products. Creating and growing good relationships is what Elisha enjoys best as she greets everyone with her cheerful nature and great smile.

Elisha also conducts health assessments for horses, dogs and cats using The Marijke Method ™ to create successful health programs. Elisha loves to spend time with Kava, the family hound, and enjoys all outdoor activities especially getting out for horseback rides with Riva.

Sue Willing, Production

Sue has been with Riva’s Remedies for three years. Sue is an amazing warehouse manager who takes great pride in keeping our shelves stocked full of all of our  natural products. Sue is an animal lover of all kinds and has a two year old Rotti named Duke, a ten year old Jack Russell named Dodger, and a ten year old cat Missy, who are all best of friends. Sue grew up with always having a dog and a cat as family member. One of her fondest memories as a child was having a Collie X named Sinbad, “My mom would call the dog home for dinner and she would then know exactly where I was because Sinbad was always by my side”.

Sue brings a positive, cheerful and happy contribution to the company.

Darla Pelan, Reception

Darla is usually the first voice on the telephone as she excels in customer service with her caring and understanding nature. She sends out orders, replies to a large volume of daily emails and is Marijke’s acting assistant for organizing schedules, planning events and promotions, creating client files, addressing inquiries and all else that passes the Riva’s desks. Darla’s passion includes the ever growing practice and study of Homeopathy and energy healing. She is down-to-earth, compassionate and aspires to help others and guide them in the right direction. Darla has three hens, some semi-feral cats and dopey bears looking for something to eat.